Feelin’ Green

May 25, 2010

Get to try my fun army out tonight, I’m pretty excited to use something that mostly depends on luck to win.  As I was repairing and basing some of them last night I decided this would be my extreme back burner army and I wouldn’t spend any time painting or doing anything cool with them while there were other tasks to be done for my VC or WoC.  Here’s what I’m bringing to the table:

Skarsnik and Gobbla

Night Goblin Big Boss, BSB with Bad Moon Banner

Night Goblin Shaman * 2 w/ variety of scrolls, mushrooms ect

42 Night Goblins w/ Spears, Shields, FC, Nets, 3 Fanatics
20 Night Goblins w/ HW and shield, FC, Nets, 3 Fanatics
20 Night Goblins w/ Bows, FC, 3 Fanatics
20 Night Goblins w/ Bows, FC, 3 Fanatics
20 Night Goblins w/ Bows, FC, 2 Fanatics

10 Spider Riders w/ Bows, FC

7 Squig Hoppers

Squig Herd with 15 Squigs, 10 herders

2 Spear chuckkas

Rock lobba

Giant Squig (Giant)



May 17, 2010

I placed an order tonight with Trollforged to get a bunch of 40mm bases with a slate design on them.  These turned out to be surprisingly cheap!  I got 25 bases for 12.50 + 4.00 shipping.  Just to get that many bases from GW would have been 22.50 and then I would have had to buy slate and build them all myself.  Even if they don’t work out I wouldn’t be too sad having spent so little.

The first group of marauders is coming along, getting to the fine details part now.  Not sure how I’m going to do all those faces.  :/

Back on track

April 20, 2010

Finally got off my butt last night and started painting again.  Started small, just priming my 24 or so Marauders that I’m keeping.  Tonight I’ll do the flesh if I get motivated.  Felt good to start getting things done again.

Projects projects projects

April 13, 2010

I haven’t posted in a while, mostly because I’ve finally been playing more than I’ve been building or painting.  Looks like that will have to change, though, since I have about a million things to do on my list.  Without any ind of tournament deadline pushing me I have trouble getting things started.  I did build a prototype flying ghoul and it looks…ok, I guess.  Hard to make it look right with the way the legs are positioned, but I still think its an improvement over the Fellbat model.

Upcoming tasks:
Build more ghouls and skellies and magnetize current ones
Start back on the painting list.  First up is marauders with flails, then 4 trolls, then more warriors

Flying monkies

February 17, 2010

I don’t really like the look of the Fellbat models, so I’m considering putting wings on some ghouls.  It would fit more into my ghoul theme list, but they might also look a lot like flying monkies.  Thoughts?

The horde grows

February 15, 2010

Finished up all the ghould I need for my 1500 list and started in on the Grave Guard.  Have 5 guard finsihed and 5 more about half done.  After them I have the corpse cart and the varghulf to go and then I’ll be ready to hit the table!

Progress, again

February 11, 2010

Wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I stayed home from work.  Instead of sleeping all day like I usually do I decided to work on ghouls.  I now have 48 ghouls done, all that I need for my 1500 point list.  I started working on the Grave Guard as well, but only did one to see what they were like.  To get the whole list ready I’ll need to finish the other 19 guard, a corpse cart and the varghulf.  The black knights will probably be empty horses for a while.  I’m excited to get this list on the table!

Getting back in the swing of things

February 8, 2010

Put 5 more ghouls together last night.  Found out how to get them to rank up, just have to have every rank other than the first with arms that don’t reach our in front of their heads or cross right under their heads.  Going to run them 6 accross in 4 ranks.


February 4, 2010

Having trouble getting going on the VC like I planned.  Put 5 together on Monday night but haven’t been back since.  Gotta get motivated!

Done! (mostly)

January 27, 2010

Stuck the shields and additional spears on the marauders last night and finsihed painting up the lord’s shield.  The lord ended up looking pretty not bad, but I don’t know whether to mount him or not.  He can stay in the saddle fine without glue or anything, but he does tend to tilt a bit then.  Would be easier to trasport him without the juggie beneath him.  Gotta build my objective tonight and start on the messenger model, but I might end up using Rob’s if I run out of time.